About Us

Your money is safe, we give out 100% Security guarantee to all our clients.

myswiftinvest.com is a Forex, cyrptocurrency automated trading based platform, offering a high leverage trading on several digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple in addition to the major, minor and exotic currencies.

We specialize in trading the financial markets with the use of neural network robots coded with artificial intelligence, thus ensuring high accuracy on our trades and eliminating human errors which manual trading brings.

Our investors funds are secured/safe with us as there are little to no risks involved. Investors earn profits depending on their invested capital and get 15% referral bonus for each number of persons introduced.Requested are completed within 24 to 48 hours into our investors bitcoin wallets with the help of our affiliated brokers.We aim at providing wealth for our investors and ourselves. The company was founded in 2010 and from the very first day, we have grown exponentially and currently serve clients in more than 150 countries.We provide our clients with access to top-tier liquidity and wide range of trading tools, while maintaining security, liquidity, enabling a safe and efficient trading environment for everyone.

Technology, Our vision & Values

We offer a robust trading system for both beginners and professional traders that demand highly reliable market data and performance.  We are proud to offer such innovative products and professional trading conditions to all our customers.

Our Vision

We provide investment/financial products and services to meet the needs of our clients and deliver superior returns. It is always our aim to serve the best interests of our clients and continue providing the best in class digital asset trading experience in the industry.

Our Values

Integrity: As a financial institution, we strive to be honest and discilined in all that we do. we understand the importance of keeping our clients informationstrictly coonfidential and as a result we have implemented strict security measures to ensure that our investors accounts are safe.

Independence: with no affiliations to any key financial institutions, banks or insurance companies, Swiftinvest is able to make the best descisons for our investors. 








What Our Clients Have to Say

Shortly after encountering myswiftinvest.com from a YouTube video, My experience with them has put me on a new league and helped me earn huge profits every week. I’d recommend anyone and everyone to start trading with myswiftinvest.com
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Having tried various Investment options over the years, myswiftinvest.com remains the best and most passionate about their field. Their plans, traders, and expert team makes trade with them very reliable!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Having some of the best and successful traders, They handle all the arduous work compiling track records, trading for you and then earning profits for you. Making a tremendous value for a few bucks as commission.
Frank Jones
From Japan
I had no idea whatsoever about trade or how it worked earlier, but after trading with myswiftinvest.com, trade became my major source of Income. myswiftinvest.com and their expert traders are the most reliable and life changing trade team!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK